How to Choose the Best Kids Address Book

Trying to find the best kids address book? Here are a few tips on what to look for when choosing an address book for your child.

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Decide the purpose of the address book.

There are many different types of address books for kids on the market. Some are specifically designed for story-telling purposes while others are more general in nature. It is important to decide the purpose of the book before making a purchase.

If the book will be used primarily for story-telling, look for one that has large, colorful pictures and plenty of room for writing. If the book will be used primarily for keeping track of addresses, look for one that has alphabetized pages and space for both a mailing address and an email address.

Choose an address book with an alphabetical list.

In order to find your child’s contact information quickly, it is important to choose an address book with an alphabetical list. You should also make sure that the address book has enough space for all of your child’s contacts. If you are unsure about which address book to choose, you can ask a store associate for help.

Consider an address book with sections for different kinds of contacts.

If your child has a lot of different types of contacts – such as friends, family, classmates, coaches and teachers – it may be helpful to get an address book that has sections for each type of contact. That way, it will be easy for your child to find the right contact information when he or she needs it. You may also want to look for an address book that has space for a photo of each contact. That way, your child can easily remember who each person is.

Find an address book with pre-printed labels.

If you have a child who is starting to collect friends’ addresses, or if you want to be able to send invitations to your own child’s birthday party to her friends easily, you may be in the market for a kids’ address book. Here are some tips on how to choose the best kids’ address book for your needs.

Pre-printed labels can be a big help
There are kids’ address books on the market that come with pre-printed labels. This can save you a lot of time if your child’s address book is going to be used primarily for invitations or thank-you notes. Look for an address book with pre-printed labels that includes space for at least 24 addresses.

Consider a spiral-bound address book
If you think your child will want to use her address book often, look for one that is spiral-bound. This will make it easy for her to keep the book open to the page she is working on. A hardcover kids’ address book may be more durable, but it will be more difficult for your child to use on a regular basis.

Look for extra features
Some kids’ address books come with extra features, such as blank pages where your child can draw pictures of her friends or list her favorite things about them. Others have pockets inside where your child can store mementos, like party favors or photographs. These extra features can make an address book more fun for your child to use and also help her keep track of important information about her friends.

Select an address book with space to add extra information.

As your child begins to fill up their contact list, they may want to include additional information such as addresses, email addresses, and birthdays. Look for an address book that has ample room to write in this extra information. You may also want to consider an address book with alphabetical tabs to make it easier for your child to find specific contacts.

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