New Wimpy Kid Book is a Must-Read

The newest Wimpy Kid book is out, and it’s a must-read! If you’re a fan of the series, make sure to check out the latest installment.

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The newest Wimpy Kid book, The Meltdown, comes out today and it is a must-read! Not only is it funny and relatable, but it also tackles some important issues like climate change and teamwork.

The book follows the familiar formula of previous Wimpy Kid books: it is told through the lens of main character Greg Heffley, who gives us his hilarious take on the events happening in and around his life. In this case, the focus is on a looming school strike that threatens to ruin Christmas.

But while The Meltdown is certainly a laugh-out-loud read, it also has an important message about climate change and its impact on our planet. Greg and his friends must band together to save their school from being closed down permanently, and in the process they learn a lot about environmentalism and what we can do to help make a difference.

So if you’re looking for a book that will make you laugh and also get you thinking about some important issues, then be sure to check out The Meltdown!


The newest Wimpy Kid book, The Getaway, does not disappoint. The 12th installment in the popular series follows Greg Heffley and his family as they attempt to escape the cold weather by going on a tropical vacation.

As always, author Jeff Kinney includes plenty of laughs, hijinks, and visual gags throughout the book. Kids will love reading about Greg’s various misadventures, including getting accidentally locked in a bathroom and being chased by a monkey.

But The Getaway is not all fun and games. There are also some touching moments, as Greg learns to appreciate his family more and comes to terms with the fact that he can’t always control everything in his life.

Overall, The Getaway is another great addition to the Wimpy Kid series. Fans old and new will enjoy reading about Greg’s latest escapades.


The main character in the book is Greg Heffley. He is a wimpy kid who is always getting into trouble. He has two best friends, Rowley and Fregley. He also has a pet dog named Sweetie.

Greg gets into a lot of trouble at school and at home. He often doesn’t listen to his parents or teachers. As a result, he gets into a lot of fights and gets in trouble a lot.

Greg is also not very good at sports. He is always the last one picked for teams. However, he does have one talent – he is really good at video games!

Why the book is a must-read

There are many reasons why the latest Wimpy Kid book is a must-read. For one, the author, Jeff Kinney, is a fantastic writer who knows how to keep readers engaged. The plot of the book is also very engaging, with plenty of twists and turns to keep readers hooked. Additionally, the illustrations in the book are top-notch and help bring the story to life. Finally, the book is just plain fun to read, and kids (and adults!) will find themselves laughing out loud at the antics of the characters. If you’re looking for a great book to read with your kids (or even by yourself!), then be sure to check out the latest Wimpy Kid book.

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