10 Best Ramadan Books for Kids

10 Best Ramadan Books for Kids: Iftar & Suhoor, Quran, Eid & More

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The Night of the Moon by Hena Khan

The Night of the Moon is a beautiful story that captures the essence of Ramadan. The book follows a young Muslim girl’s journey through the holy month, from finding the perfect spot to break her fast each night to making special Eid cookies with her family.

Khan’s lyrical prose and Jamila Gibson’s stunning illustrations combine to create a work of art that is perfect for sharing with young children during Ramadan.

The Story of Ramadan by Karen Katz

The story of Ramadan is a picture book that introduces very young children to the Islamic holy month of Ramadan. The book follows a day in the life of a Muslim family as they prepare for, and then celebrate, Ramadan. The illustrations are beautiful and the text is simple and easy to understand. This is an excellent choice for kids who are interested in learning more about other cultures and religions.

My First Ramadan by Julie Murray

This is a beautiful, age-appropriate picture book about a little girl and her family celebrating Ramadan. It’s a great way to introduce theconcept of Ramadan to younger children in a simple and sweet way.

The Golden Rule by Irene Khan

The Golden Rule by Irene Khan is a beautiful story about the importance of treating others the way you want to be treated. It is perfect for Ramadan because it teaches children the value of compassion and respect for others. This book is sure to become a family favorite.

The Gift of Ramadan by Razan Al-Barazi

The Gift of Ramadan by Razan Al-Barazi is a beautiful book that describes the importance of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. It follows a young boy as he learns about the holiday and how it is celebrated by Muslims around the world. The illustrations are gorgeous and will resonate with children of all ages. This is a great choice for kids who are looking to learn more about Ramadan and its customs.

The Best Eid Ever by Sobia Khan

The Best Eid Ever is a beautiful story written by Sobia Khan, which follows the lovely traditions of Eid. It follows a young girl’s journey as she prepares for Eid and all the excitement that comes along with it. The illustrations in the book are gorgeous, and it’s perfect for young children who are celebrating Eid for the first time.

The Perfect Gift by Ayesha Mattu

This sweet story is the perfect way to teach kids the importance of giving during Ramadan. When Lina’s parents give her money to buy a gift for charity, she has a hard time deciding what to do with it. She finally decides on the perfect present and learns an important lesson about the value of giving in the process.

The Ramadan Moon by Na’ima B. Robert

The Ramadan Moon is a beautiful story that follows a young Muslim girl as she celebrates the month of Ramadan. Throughout the book, she looks forward to all of the special things that happen during this time, from staying up late to eat with her family to attending the nightly prayers at the mosque. This is a great book for kids of all ages to learn about the traditions and activities that take place during Ramadan.

The Storyteller’s Ramadan by Maha Addasi

The Storyteller’s Ramadan is one of the best Ramadan books for kids. It tells the story of a young boy who is celebrating Ramadan with his family. The boy goes to the mosque with his father and learns about the importance of prayer and fasting during Ramadan. This book is a great way to teach kids about the Islamic holiday of Ramadan.

The Lantern Festival by Ting-xing Ye

The Lantern Festival by Ting-xing Ye is a beautifully illustrated story that follows a family as they celebrate the Lantern Festival, a holiday which marks the end of Ramadan. The book includes information about the holiday and its traditions, as well as a recipe for Lantern Festival cookies.

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